When hiring for a culture fit, we see many businesses involving other employees to vet the candidate. Freeland Painting does this as well. They call this “behind the bosses back.”

Speaker 1: So, when you’re hiring people to come into this environment, what kind of process do you go through to make sure that they match the culture?

Communication with other employees:

Speaker 2: Part of what I want to do when I’m hiring is get the candidate hooked up with one of my employees so they can ask questions about the boss behind the boss’s back. I mean, ’cause that’s … right. I mean, how is Doug really. ‘Cause I can say all day long oh, I’m not a micromanager, but people can fool themselves.

My employees know better than most exactly how I manage people. And so, we’ll get a candidate in with another employee and let them ask the cultural questions. What … are you okay if a few curse words get thrown out from time to time? Is that going to hurt your sensibilities?

The Interview Process

Speaker 2: So, we try to have the candidates see all the pieces of the company and see how much time … and I think when we slow down and take time to interview properly and to vet properly, the person that ends up making it to the top of that also appreciates that we’ve gone slowly and that they’ve made it through all that process, ’cause it almost feels like they’ve won a prize at the end of the day, because they got to work for us after all of that vetting and steps.

In fact, we even took our last, and this is a brand new thing I just started, took our last hire out to dinner, he and his wife, me and my wife, who … my wife is co-founder of the business, just to have a social interaction. Wasn’t an interview. I mean, kind of is, ’cause if we find out that a spouse is crazy, crazy could be brought in to the office.

Family Dynamics

Speaker 2: Not that … I’m just being facetious about that, but the truth of the matter is people … it’s a dynamic that happens at home and we want to make sure that we’ve got good families that we’re hiring. We’re not just hiring the candidate, but we’re hiring his entire family situation. So, we’ve got just in the last year, one of our employees got married and one has a baby on the way. So, we’re really excited to see that happen too.

Speaker 3: It was right around Doug for a while. Hanging out with Matt. We had a lot … I think Doug took me out to lunch every single day for the entire first month of training. That was cool. I miss that. I wish I could go back to training. No, but I mean, just a lot of being around the guys, going on appointments with them, figuring out how they handle things, figuring out the language they use to talk about things to each other or even customers or I mean, whatever it is. So, there’s just a lot of shadowing.

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