Company Culture Assessment

We measure and assess your company culture across tangible and intangible factors ranging from revenue per employee and retention rates to employee motivation.

Step 1: Company Culture Executive Interview

Our company culture assessment starts off with high level analysis of your company culture through the eye of the executives. This is a facilitated assessment which gives us a full view of how the business engages with employees. 

Step 2: Gather People Data

We work with your team to gather people data so that we can analyze measurable items like revenue per employee, retention rates and department sizes. 

Step 3: Personality Assessments and Surveys

The Epic Culture team will send a culture assessment to each team member and follow up until completion. After completion, they will receive a follow up 5 question work motivator survey.

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    Step 4: Analysis and Reporting

    We will analyze all of the data and provide a full assessment of your team along with recommendations. This includes but is not limited to Performance by Personality, performance by manager and other team performance enhancing data. 

    Step 5: Executive Review

    We deliver the culture assessment results in person and lead a team performance roadmap discussion.