Doug Ireland with Freeland Painting talks about the EO, Entrepreneur’s Organization of Atlanta, and how it inspired his management strategies.

Josh Sweeney: So, earlier you mentioned that you had people that ride around in trucks with other employees getting to know them. And you also mentioned that there’s a high level of autonomy. So, how does autonomy, time management, being that people are out on the road all the time, how does that play into who you guys are, who you hire, how you operate?

Doug Ireland: EO has definitely affected, and I don’t know if we’re talking about EO in this interview or not, but EO has definitely been an influence on my management style. And it’s funny, it’s kind of married my management style as well, because there were things that I was doing that I didn’t really have a name for or didn’t really realize until someone came up with a name, [inaudible 00:00:53]. And then I was “Oh, yeah, yeah. That makes sense. That’s what I want.”

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