In this Company Culture Check interview, we sit down with Cory Hewitt and his team at Gimme to talk about the impacts of having a great company culture. The company culture is engrained throughout the business starting from the hiring process, and is carried all the way through to their excellent customer service. Because of this, they have been named “Best B2B Startup” of 2018.

In this interview, we discuss:

  • Candidate Filtering for a culture fit.
  • Maintaining Excellent Customer Service
  • On-boarding Process for a New Hire
  • The new employee compensation package.

About Gimme:

“Gimme takes great pride in holding to our core values every single day. As a company, Gimme is full of people who are:

  • Fiercely driven to win.
  • Problem Solvers.
  • Intrinsically Motivated and Relentless.
  • Leaders and Team Players.
  • Precise and Focused.
  • User-Empathetic.

Every day, no matter the challenge and no matter the task, our team exhibits these values. Our sights are always set on the path to victory and beyond. But through it all, we never forget who we truly work for: our users are the audience we strive to please, both through our actions and our innovative technologies.”

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