Culture First Hiring Workshop

A skills based hiring process is not enough. The Culture First Hiring Process saves time and increases retention by adding culture and personality matching to your hiring process!

Culture First Hiring Workshop

Our workshop will enhance your hiring process to ensure you are getting the best possible people on the team while saving you time and money. When company culture is at risk, you can’t take shortcuts on hiring the right people.
Step 1: Culture Question Discovery
Step 2: Culture Based Interviewing Skills
Step 3: Intro to Behavior Analytics
Step 4: Automating Hiring Steps
Step 5: Phone and Interview Enhancement
Step 6: Hiring Process Documentation

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Epic Culture’s process for identifying talent is one of the most thorough and practical approaches I’ve found. It demystifies many of the subjective aspects of identifying a candidate’s real talents and competencies and helps employers (and investors) zero in on the critical skills and abilities critical to an organization’s success.

Branden Lisi

President, Object9