One of the difficult things about explaining company culture is that so much of culture is about the intangibles, what happens in various situations, how issues are handled and each persons experience. In order to capture the experience, I wanted to share something that happened at Epic Culture.

During our new employee on-boarding, we share what we call Work Habits. The various habits we have formed and would like to continue. We also highlight habits that aren’t acceptable at work. 

Be Punctual

One of those Work Habits is, Be Punctual. As you can see from the slide, we say in no uncertain terms that early is on time, on time is late and late is unacceptable. We back that up by starting every meeting at the start time and we don’t wait for people to “stroll in”. At Epic Culture, if the meeting starts at 3:30, then the person who organized it will start speaking at 3:30. 

We even go one step further as to have a “no recap” policy. We will not recap for anyone who is late no matter what title or position they are in. At Epic Culture, being on time is about respecting other people time. 

I knew being punctual was engrained in our company culture during a recent training event. I had a friend deliver his experience and views on how to build a great case study. The training was at 8 AM, he was on early, my team was on and it started promptly at 8 AM. The first thing he said was “Wow, everyone is on the meeting and ready. Usually we have to wait 5 or 10 minutes.”  That is when I knew all of the reinforcement of our Work Habit had paid off. 

If you would like to learn more about enhancing your on-boarding process to include company culture and work habits. Listen to Episode 7 of the Epic Company Culture Podcast: Integrating Company Culture into the On-boarding experience.