We demystify employee motivation with measurable reporting. 

The Challenge

Most people either don’t know or have trouble verbalizing exactly what motivates them in the workplace. We start off each implementation with a Work Motivation Assessment backed by science. 


    Change The Currency,

    A Guide to Employee Motivation

    Leaders everywhere are challenged with motivating their employees and keeping them engaged.

    Learn the 20 factors of employee motivation. 

    Work Motivation Measurement

    Once each team member is assessed, we score the company, teams and departments across the 20 work motivators established by behavioral psychologists. That way we know where to start and have a baseline for measuring improvement. 

    Learning what motivates your employees is a game changer when it comes to making decisions that affect teams within the company. I highly recommend Josh and Epic Culture for discovering how to optimize motivation within your company.

    Allison Boyd - EO Atlanta

    Founder, Metro Music Makers

    “The Personality Assessment with Epic Culture went really deep into people’s needs and what it takes for them to be successful and happy. Collectively, it was a profound moment in the company’s history. It really did teach us the benefits of the very VERY different personalities.”

    Jason Rhoades

    Founder, Toolbox No. 9