Every sell is a little sweeter when you get the satisfaction of ringing the bell!! Not all employee incentives have to be big to be beneficial! Employee satisfaction and recognition!

Freeland Painting Celebration- When You Sell, Ring the Bell

Josh: [00:13] When you landed that $55,000 job, I understand that you guys have some sort of thing that you do to celebrate? So what does that look like here? Like what’s the celebration when you land that first deal?

Matt: [00:25] Yeah, when you come in and you’re like, “Man, we won the job.” And it’s like, “All right, will you gotta ring the bell?” And of course that bell, I promise you it came off of some giant tower because you ring it and they hear it all the way in downtown Atlanta. So in front of everybody in the meeting, you come in, you ring the bell. It’s just kind of a way of, like you get recognized for doing a great job. So that’s sort of our thing where everybody gives you a hand and you say, “Good job,” you ring your bell and that’s part of our company culture, every time you get a deal like that.

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