Doug Ireland with Freeland Painting explains why the crews must be a culture fit too!

Freeland Painting – Culture Fit Crews Too

Josh Sweeney: [00:13] A lot of companies, what I understand in the construction space have had lots of challenges getting crews at the right time, sustaining their crews and you really haven’t had that struggle. So tell me a little bit about how you do it differently and how you work with the crews that you have.

Doug Ireland: [00:34] Yeah. Getting our crews, it doesn’t seem like we have a struggle getting them, but we do. We do, especially right now, the marketplace is very, very busy; the construction industry is very busy. People are in short supply. Good people are in short supply. I think though, part of what has helped us have a leg up on our competition and keep good crews is that we pay them on time, we’re fair with them. We treat them with dignity and respect, or at least we try to. And that, same as it works with employees, that’s a fit thing.

I mean, there are some crews that we’ve had throughout the years that have stopped working for us because they don’t think we’re fair. That’s fine. If you don’t fit into the culture, we wish you the best and we want you to go find what does make you happy.

[01:27] What we do is expect people to work hard but also be treated well, be treated with dignity and part of that for us is we pay on time every Friday and our subs I think appreciate that. And some of our subs have stayed with us for a very, very long time because of that. I think treating people with dignity is an important way. If you want to get the best out of people, you’ve got to treat them with respect and dignity.

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