Culture-Fit hiring helps to increase employee retention AND improve company culture. Freeland Painting hires for HEART and MIND before experience. Doug Ireland explains.

Freeland Painting Culture Hiring –  Hire for Heart and Mind.

Josh: [00:13] So when you’re hiring people to come into this environment, what kind of process do you go through to make sure that they match the culture?

Culture Fit is Most Important

Doug: [00:20] We want to make sure that people fit the culture really well. I think that’s more important than anything else. And in fact, the last two project managers that we have hired, both are still with us today, neither of them had any experience in the construction industry. I’m not hiring for experience, I’m hiring for heart and mind. I want someone who’s obviously smart enough to learn but has a heart that we’re looking for, which is to care about people and people that are adaptive and fit into our culture.

The Heart

Because I feel like if we work as a team, we’re all pulling on the rope together. We can get farther. I can train the construction part of it. That’s, to me, if you’re relatively intelligent, anyone can learn this. It’s not rocket science, as lots of people are fond of saying. But you can’t train what’s in someone’s heart.


Jeremy: [01:21] I would say that when there’ll be times when Doug would take me out of an appointment and say, “Hey, you’re running this one.” I think that would be that — I mean, it’s a little bit different because there’s no real like computer work. Doug wasn’t like, “Hey, sit on this computer for a couple hours and do these classes.”

I mean, I’ve managed an AT&T store for a few years. We had training all throughout that time and it was just always computer work. So this is a little bit different. It’s really hands on like. I’m a kinesthetic learner and so it just meshed real well with me going to appointments with Doug and him saying, “Go ahead and do what you got to do,” and kind of just throwing me out there.

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