Taking the time to bond with your team builds relationships that make the work life more meaningful. The team at Freeland Painting uses meals and fun to strengthen the bond AND increase employee retention.

Freeland Painting Retention Strategy – Coercion and Threats aka Meals and Fun

Josh: [00:13] What do you guys do to — obviously, it’s a fun and engaging environment in a lot of ways, but how do you extend that in order to keep them around?

Doug: [00:22] Coercion, mostly.

Josh: [00:24] Mostly. Okay.

Doug: [00:25] Threats.

Josh: [00:28] Blood pacts?

Doug: [00:29] Yeah, yeah, yeah. If you leave here, this will be the last place you ever work and —

Josh: [00:35] Branding?

Doug: [00:36] Branding. Oh, yes, branding. Let’s talk about marketing and branding. The branding.

Josh: [00:42] I was leaning towards other things like maybe meals together, boating activities, anything like that.

Doug: [00:49] Yeah. So one of my favorite things to do is eat out. And so we like to take the guys out. And my guys around here loves sushi and Korean barbecue, so we like to go check out different places; the awesome place down by the perimeter that we love to go to, a Korean barbecue in Duluth that we love. There used to be a great sushi buffet here in Suwanee, they’ve closed and now were all heartbroken because we can’t figure out where we’re going to get our sushi buffet on.

Josh: [01:18] And it’s a good sushi though?

Doug: [01:20] It was — yes. It was not like when you say buffet normally —

Josh: [01:25] Normally it’s not right, yeah.

Doug: [01:25] No. This place was awesome and we were the only white people in the place. It was all Koreans. So you know when you go in and the whole place is packed with Koreans. It’s a great place to go have —

Josh: [01:36] — Korean food.

Doug: [01:36] Yeah. And so we look for those places and we love that or we’ll get Uber Eats to bring Mexican in here or pizza. So we love going out to eat. We also, for fun, we’ll go out on a boat on Lake Lanier from time to time. My wife and I have a boat so we’ll get the team out there and goof off for an afternoon.

[01:58] I think it’s just as important to take some time to socialize with the people that you work hard with as it is to work hard. I mean forty hours a week, fifty hours a week sometimes in the summertime, is tough. It gets monotonous and we want to go blow off some steam from time to time. Most of us around here like the hobby of shooting, so we’ll go to a gun range from time to time with our guys. And in fact, for Christmas gifts, we ended up giving each other boxes of ammunition or passes to go to a gun range and things of that nature. It just happens to be one of the hobbies we like and so we exploit that. We take the guys out and enjoy some time together.

Josh: [02:43] Awesome. I love it.

Man 1: [02:43] Girls too.

Doug: [02:44] Hmm?

Man 1: [02:45] Girls, too.

Doug: [02:46] Well, yeah, the ladies, too. But right now it’s just guys. I know, but we have to act — well, my last office manager really, really wanted a pistol to protect herself and she’d been with us like three years and for her birthday I bought her a handgun.

Matt: [03:02] So all of the fun that we have together. So outside of just work, it’s important from the top down that we get to know each other a little bit better than just passing you on the hallway and be like, “Hey, you’re Bill.” “Nope, I’m Jeremy.” “Oh, okay. Nice to see you.” It’s important that we get together, we go out, get lunch. I don’t know if Doug ever told you, but every now and then we get to go out on his boat and have some fun. And that’s just something cool that not a lot of companies ever do is… you get a chance to, you know, working hard is great, but also you have to be able to enjoy your life and that’s something you don’t see that often.

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