We Increase Employee

Retention and Performance 

Change the way you think about company culture and employee performance.

Is your company culture struggling?

Employees satisfaction low?
Low Employee Retention?
High employee turnover?
Team communication causing conflicts?
Low Productivity?
Feel like people are a black box?

Company Culture


We assess and measure your company culture across tangible and intangible factors ranging from revenue per employee and retention rates to employee motivation. 

Enhance Culture,
Enhance Performance

  Culture Interviews

  People Analytics

  Employee Motivation Metrics

Company Culture


After assessing your company culture, we meet with the executive team to get feedback. Then we build a roadmap to company culture success. 

Roadmap to

  Team Performance Workshops

  Team Building Activities

  Increase Employee Retention 

Company Culture


We will work closely with your team to execute the company culture roadmap and increase your employee performance in a measurable way. 

Proactive Culture

  Manage Events

  Coordinate Training

  Create Culture Teams

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Epic Culture’s process for identifying talent is one of the most thorough and practical approaches I’ve found. It demystifies many of the subjective aspects of identifying a candidate’s real talents and competencies and helps employers (and investors) zero in on the critical skills and abilities critical to an organization’s success.

Branden Lisi

President, Object9

The process allows the team to communicate, speak openly, and figure out how we can build on our strengths and weaknesses.

Lisa Owen

President & Founder, Core Benefit Solutions

Company Culture Check Video Series

Company Culture Check: Shameless Plug with Doug | EO

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