After working with over 100 sales organizations, I have seen and heard many of the same themes. Themes that any sales trainer or experts would cringe at hearing. One example is that of the sales manager / sales person. The myth that someone can sell, focus on a quota and some how properly manage a sales team.

Another one that comes up often and that hits much closer to home for me is the myth of an outbound / inbound sales person. I am not saying that you can’t have a sales person that does heavy outbound prospecting and manages inbound leads, it can be done. What we have found is that the person who excels at inbound and the person who truly excels at outbound have completely different personality traits. Therefore, we don’t recommend mixing the work.

This can be further proven anecdotally by observing your sales team in action. Each rep will naturally take to either outbound prospecting or inbound sales. Many that would be good at outbound who are given the choice will choose to do the easy work of selling from inbound leads.

From a personality perspective, there are three traits unique to outbound and three for inbound.

Outbound sales reps ( BDR’s ) must have high cores on three personality traits.

  • Fast-paced
  • Goal Oriented
  • Take Charges

Inside sales reps and SDR’s must have different personality traits and scores.

  • Expressive ( Extroverted )
  • Patient
  • Goal Oriented ( But with a lower score than Outbound )

It takes a different type of person to make 60 outbound calls a day, hear no, get hung up on and then keep going than it does to take an inbound lead and be helpful in walking an interested party through the sales process.

If you would like more information on the difference in each type of rep. Please feel free to reach to us.