Insiten  Software Development Lifecycle

Josh: [00:09] Hello, my name is Josh Sweeney with Epic Culture, and welcome to the Company Culture Check video series. We’re here today at Prototype Prime, the technology co-working space in Peachtree corners, to meet with the team from Insiten, and learn all about their amazing company culture.

[00:29] Is there anything else that you feel, in addition to things like mob, or the high-five culture for developers, is there anything else that you feel is unique to your culture?

Adam: [00:34] We touched on it a bit, but it’s how we’re able to take a junior developer and continue their education, and how we really, really focus on that. How we’ve done things like bringing the professional trainer to come in, and what he does, he’ll meet with every developer once a week. He’ll look at where they are, how their learning is progressing. He’ll give them homework assignments. It almost feels like we’re running a mini bootcamp within Insiten.

[01:12] People are continuing to have to go and independently learn things, come back to the team, share what they’ve learned, show the trainer their progression. I do think, and I touched on the software development life cycle as well, but I think that’s something that, that’s really, really key. I know a lot of companies have put time into this. A lot of times when people think software development lifecycle, they think about automated deployments and branching strategies and things like that, which are very, very important. But I think the feedback mechanism that we’ve built into that software development life cycle, is really pretty key.

[01:51] So as everyone develops every line of code, we have two people come in, they put comments on the code to try to try to train the resource. We don’t have like a senior developer that just goes and just fixes it and shoves it in. It’s the junior resource that needs to go implement the fixes that were recommended to them, and really learn and understand, “Okay, how do I do this better? How do I build this in a more secure, scalable performant way?” I think that whole philosophy of trying to lift the whole team together and not just have some senior developers that work so fast and could do everything, but make sure if we implement a new technology, really train that to all the junior resources, make sure that they understand it, make sure they start using it on their projects.

[02:37] We continuously increase the sophistication of our code and doing that with junior resources who are trying to learn the core technology and we keep on adding more and more. I think that’s something that’s very challenging to do. I think it’s something that we’ve gotten pretty good at.