Everyone loves a catchy tag line, but do we really know what it takes to create one? How about FIVE? Freeland Painting has created catchy tag lines around their Core Values!

Josh Sweeney: What are your other favorite tag lines that you have for the organization?

Doug Ireland: When we first hired a marketing company to come up with some tag lines for us, we sat down in a seven hour interview with us, with the Chamber of Commerce, with a couple of our customers, with our technology team or SEO team, and they all listened to the interview together in order to come up and, “Relationships matter more than the brush or the ladder,” is what came out of that. Because I kept talking about relationships, so it was already there, we just didn’t have a pretty saying for it yet.

“Think outside the box, but paint inside the lines.” “We touch up on the details every day.” Help me out here.

Speaker 3: What color is your …

Doug Ireland: “What color is your peace of mind?” Okay, that’s four. Think outside the box, relationships matter, what color is your peace of mind …

Speaker 3: Finishing up …

Doug Ireland: “Finishing touches make the difference.” “We brush up on the details every day.” “Our finishing touches make the difference.” That’s five, we’re missing one.

Speaker 3: Is it what color is your peace of mind?

Doug Ireland: Yeah, sure. We’ll go with that.

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