The next Qualifying Culture Question, comes from a personal experience of Josh Sweeney (founder of Epic Culture,) which resulted in the accidental hiring of non tech-savvy individuals for technical positions. This question may be slightly out of date but the background and intent can be beneficial.

Question: What kind of cell phone do you have? (List the brand and operating system)

Part 1: What kind of cell phone do you have?

This two part question will quickly reveal how technically in-tune a person is with the devices that most are dependent on. If a candidate reveals that they have a flip-phone, there’s a good chance that they are not technically savvy. Keep in mind that the majority have smartphones.  At this point, a flip phone means that they are a serious laggard.

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Part 2: List the brand and operating system.

Since most people now have a smartphone, we add this extended question to determine if they know the correct answer. They could at least refer to Google for the answer if not. An unintended outcome was that you could tell by the answer if they are savvy enough to understand the difference between a brand, operating system and a carrier.

The best answer: I have an Apple Iphone on iOS version x.x.x. WIN!

The worst answer: (other than non responses) I have Verizon Android.

For further clarification: Verizon is not a phone brand but a carrier. Filtering someone out based on this criteria may seem ridiculous unless you need all tech savvy people in your organization.

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Part 3: Why did you choose this phone?

To make this qualifying culture question more relevant, we could also ask why they chose their particular phone. The answer to this could give you more insight into their behavior but my not necessarily count them out.

The best Answer: I selected the iPhone 7 because it is a great phone. I used to have the iPhone 5 and the iPhone 8 is really expensive because it is brand new.

This is a great answer because they are picking something that is proven while also making a good financial decision.

The worst answer: It was cheap

If we want people who like technology then this would be a bad answer as there was no thought that went into the purchase.

Generally, there are always nuanced questions like this that can be used to filter out candidates who are not a fit. Only the best ones are advancing forward.

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