Salesperson Personality Assessment

Sales people have inherent traits that assist in making them successful. These traits are easy to test for and can have a major impact on hitting sales goals, lowering turnover and business growth. 

Epic Culture Sales Personality Assessment

There are 3 key testable personality traits that make a high performing sales representative. Reach out to us to request a team analysis.

Inbound vs Outbound Salesperson Personalities

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Personality Assessments for Inbound Sales ( SDR’s )

Inbound sales takes people who are already interested and engaged through the sale s process. This process requires different traits that a person who can make 60 outbound calls per day.

    Personality Assessments for Outbound Sales ( BDR’s )

    Outbound sales representative, often referred to as “hunters,” have fundamentally different traits than inbound ( SDR’s ). This is why most reps can’t succeed as inbound/outbound sales representatives, they gravitate to one or the other.