Having a reputation as “the place to work,” is not an easy feat. It is also necessary when there’s a talent shortage! Doug Irelands teammate shares how Freeland Painting was more attractive than money!

Speaker 1: What attracted you to Freeland Painting?

Matt Holland: A lot of what attracted me to Freeland Painting was actually the culture that Doug has established here and the way things are ran. What I mean by that is at Freeland Painting, it’s very much a customer first business. A lot of work where a lot of times the customer doesn’t feel like they come first. That’s really the main thing that attracted me to this business.

Jeremy F.: Probably the authenticity. I think during my interview, you get in an interview, especially doing multiple of them, you kind of get a real feel of the company and you can tell if somebody really backs what they’re saying or if they’re just trying to get you on board because they see potential in your for one way or another.

The Money is the Result

Actually, at the time of interviewing with Doug a few months back, I had another job offer come up around the same exact time as Doug offered me a position. The difference between the two was the other one had a little bit higher salary, but this one was a place where I was like, “Okay, I really believe that this company cares about not just making money but that’s a result.”

Jeremy F.: You’ll hear that often in all the interviews is, “Our goal is not to go to appointments. Our goal is not to go talk to customers and project manage to make money. Our goal is to impact people’s lives, make them better in any way that we can, be honest, and then a result of that comes money. We kind of look at the longevity of things.” I saw that in my interview with Doug. I felt that and that’s why I ended up choosing Freeland Painting.

It’s a Family

Jeremy F.: It’s really down to earth. I mean, just kind of like a tight-knit family to an extent. I mean, I’ve only been here for a few months, but you already get that kind of feel just being here that short of a term. Doug’s daughter had an issue and Matt and I went and left some stuff on their door for them. It was just one of those things where it’s if you work in a corporate location, you don’t really get that.

You don’t have coworkers or managers say, “Hey, we care about you. We want to do this for you because we love you guys.” I mean, the fact that I even had the opportunity to do that for someone it was cool for me. It was nice. It was kind of refreshing. I think, like I said, just the culture here and just being down to earth, being honest, and doing things the right way.

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