Taking care of employee expenses is a given, but not all company’s offer a card and a truck! Freeland Painting sets his employees up for success, AND get’s to advertise. Another great employee retention strategy.

Speaker 1: So Doug, we noticed that you provide trucks for all of your team. Tell us a little bit about the trucks. They’re all kitted out with your name. They’re branded. How does that play into the service that you provide?

Doug: So, we provide trucks for every team member that’s out in the field. Some people might call them project managers or estimators. We’ve been calling them sales and project coordinators because they do a little bit of everything. They estimate, they help sell to the clients, they also manage the projects. So, each one of my estimators/project managers gets a Ford F-150 and we logo it up with all this bright colors because branding is very important to me and give ’em a gas card and they get to go out and help me advertise the business by driving around the city of Atlanta.

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