Before going into the personality traits for outbound sales representatives, I think that it is important to clarify what outbound means. Outbound can be an inside sales representative or outside sales representative. This person is identified as a “hunter.” This is not a salesperson that receives inbound form submissions but instead goes out and creates opportunity through heavy outreach.

There are three natural behaviors which are inherent in the personality of an outbound sales rep that have compounded over many years to make them successful. In clarifying these traits, we will use verbiage from the Epic Culture Sales Personality Assessment but which will easily translate to normal vocabulary.

1. Commanding Factor

The first factors is how commanding the person is by nature. The Commanding factor has two traits on opposite ends of the spectrum. They can be Cooperative or Take Charge. For the top outbound sales rep we see a high Take Charge score. They are willing to jump into the situation and lead the prospect through the sales process.

2. Patience Factor

The second factor is Patience. The two ends of the patience scale are Fast-Paced and at the opposite end, Patient. Top outbound sales reps have a high Fast-paced score. They have quotas to hit and need to know who to qualify out and which prospects to accelerate the sales cycle with.

3. Pioneering Factor

The last factor we look for in high performing outbound reps is their Pioneering score. At one end of the scale is Content and at the other is Goal Oriented. Sales reps are constantly driven by goals and need to have a high goal orientation.

There are multiple other factors that we look for in an outbound sales rep but the three factors I have outlined here have proven to be the best indicators that an outbound rep will succeed over time.