Increasing sales in any organization is a complex formula that goes beyond modifying a single habit or routine. Sustainably growing sales results requires an intricate orchestration of behaviors, processes, and software. At the heart of the entire process: people. Without adoption and execution from your internal resources, even the best-laid sales growth plans are destined to fail.

CultureStacking addresses all the key factors required to drive sales success, focusing on four key areas to increase pipelines, build client relationships, and promote a high performing sales team. 

Here are the Top 4 Ways to Increase Sales with CultureStacking. 

Be a Sales Expert

Elite sales leaders aren’t just sourcing leading talent to build their teams (although they are definitely doing that too); they are also out talking about sales. Savvy sellers readily and consistently share what they know about their process, preferred software solutions, and (most importantly), what works and what doesn’t in the current marketplace.

Why? Because they recognize that being a vocal sales leader helps attract high caliber selling talent in a multitude of ways:

  1. Top talent wants to work with top talent 
  2. Successful sales teams are contagious, making applicants feel like they will be successful as well
  3. Most high performing reps also want to pursue professional development themselves; they understand that leaders who are growing will also help their salespeople grow

Understand Candidate Filtering

Experienced sales executives know how to effectively and repeatably filter out candidates who won’t succeed in their selling environments. These leaders continually team with HR and recruiting to keep the right people coming in for interviews. 

A few ways to execute successful candidate filtering includes:

  1. Behavior analytics
  2. Clearly defined disqualification criteria
  3. Recognize the real reasons why people leave or why salespeople don’t work out – then resolve the issue on the front end

Onboard for Speed

From the hire date to the first sale is all overhead costs. Top sales leaders deliver training themselves in a well thought out and systematic way. Plan in advance to get every new sales representative up to speed, quickly and efficiently:

  1. Have business cards and work computer ready by start date
  2. Deliver full stack training with live scenarios 
  3. Outline exact expectations (i.e.: 60 calls per day, non-negotiable)

Keep Sellers Engaged and Motivated

Neuroscience and research have shown that after a certain point, the majority of people actually aren’t motivated by money. Three of the twenty motivators discovered by behavior psychologists include: 

  1. Personal Growth (Tuition reimbursement, training seminars, etc.)
  2. Opportunities to Travel (Think: Winning trips for being top rep )
  3. Career Progression (Do you have a clearly outlined path for potential mobility? )

Top sales leaders dig deeper to determine exactly what motivates each individual team members and they build those rewards into the comp plan.

If you are looking to build a high performing sales team, contact Epic Culture to learn more about the CultureStack Framework.