How to Build a Marketing Team

with Intent



Josh Sweeney: Founder of Epic Culture


Annelle Barnett: Founder of Marketing Mob

If you’re a marketing leader who keeps asking your team for X but you’re only able to get Y, perhaps there’s a missing link. Or, you have great people on your team but they’re operating at a level B when you desire an A+, what might be missing? 

During this 45 minute webinar, we will help you understand how the natural personality types on your team effectively (or ineffectively) work together.

We will walk you through building out candidate personas so you have a sharpened view of who you’re hiring.

We’ll discuss how aligning job candidates with your existing team culture is critical to building a high-performing team.

And finally, we’ll guide you through how to proactively find these individuals instead of waiting for them to come to you.

What We’ll Cover

  1. How to be intentional about the personality types of your team and how they can effectively work together
  2. How to be intentional about having the right skill sets on your team
  3. How to be intentional about hiring candidates who align with your existing culture
  4. How to be intentional about finding the right people for your team



Josh Sweeney

Founder, EpicCulture

Josh Sweeney is an entrepreneur, business owner and company culture advocate that enjoys finding new and innovative ways to help businesses build amazing company cultures. 

Outside of his time helping other businesses he serves as a board member for the Entrepreneur Organization’s Atlanta Chapter. 

Specialties: Company Culture, Hiring Process and Automation, Operational Enhancements.

Annelle Barnett

Founder & President, Marketing Mob

Annelle Barnett is a veteran marketing leader, recruiter, and career advisor. She is a global executive with over 20 years experience successfully leading company and marketing operations for multiple corporations and self-owned entities.

After building a successful marketing consultancy, Annelle founded Marketing Mob in 2013 and The Marketing Mob Job Board & Community and The Mob Method in 2018.

Marketing Mob connects companies with talented marketers and connects marketers with careers, education and collaboration. It is her mission to better the marketing community by providing low cost marketing courses, resources and career development services.



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