Take Your Company Culture to the Next Level

We offer multiple workshops that solve your most pressing company culture challenges.

Culture First Hiring Workshop

The Culture First Hiring Process saves time and increases retention by adding culture and personality matching to your hiring process!

    Own Your Company Culture

    Empower your employees with the confidence to make a positive impact on your company culture. In this session, they will learn these five ways that they can make a difference in their work space. Taking ownership will help build valuable relationships, open lines of communication, and ultimately increase team productivity.

    This can be delivered in either a Lunch & Learn or Workshop format. 

    Team Performance Workshop

    Want to demystify people and human behavior to build an EPIC team. Start with our Introduction to Behavior Analytics for HR Professionals class.

    1. 1 1/2 Hrs Class
    2. Intro to Behavior Analytics
    3. Increasing hiring success with personality data.
    4. Cohort Analytics Intro

    Make Company Culture Your Competitive Edge

    In this workshop, we walk you through how leading companies use their EPIC company culture as a competitive edge to retain their employees and increase performance. Each attendee will discover where their company culture stands and decide how they can take it to the next level.

    Group Workshops

    Our groups workshops provide a great educational environment where you can learn and share ideas with other HR and company culture experts!

    Hiring: Culture Fit & Automated Filtering ( 1/2 Day )

    Hiring: Interviewing and Behavior Analytics ( 1/2 Day )

    Behavior Analytics for HR Professionals ( 1.5 hr )

    Team Performance Training ( 2 hr )

    Leadership and Communication ( 2 hr )

    Behavior Analytics for Entrepreneurs ( 2 hrs )